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Selling on Treet


Post It (UK Only)

Take a few pics, answer some questions, and submit for review. Please note this is currently only available for sellers in the UK.


Ship It

After it’s sold, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label to ship it.


Bigger Payouts

Get up to a 100% store credit payout when you sell.

Seller FAQ’s

PoleJunkie:preloved is the official destination for buying and selling our secondhand items. This is where our secondhand community lives, which means you’ll get the best value for your item and be able to sell it fast. Plus, you can easily list items by finding them in your order history with us.

Listing your item is easy! Simply click “Sell Your Item” in the upper right-hand corner, create an account (tip: use the same email you’ve used to purchase from Pole Junkie so you can see your order history), and go through the listing process.

Once you’ve added all of the applicable information, click “Submit” for the post to be reviewed within 24 hours. After it’s reviewed and approved, it will go live. If there are any issues, you’ll receive an email asking to make changes before it can be accepted.

The Treet Team reviews every item before it goes live. They’re verifying several things about your post:

  • Your pictures are accurate and high quality

  • Any quirks are accurately described

  • The condition you selected accurately reflects your image

  • The product is an authentic piece

After someone purchases your item, you’ll receive an email that includes a prepaid shipping label for you to print and use to ship your item within 7 days. The cost of the shipping label is paid for by the Buyer.

As a Seller on PoleJunkie:preloved, you have


choices for receiving your funds: cash or credit back to Pole Junkie.

If you choose store credit, there is

no fee

! (i.e. Selling an item for £100.00 gives you £100.00 credit back to

Pole Junkie


If you choose cash, the fee is


. (i.e. Selling an item for £100.00 gives you £80.00 cash.) This fee is paid directly to Treet.

Once your item is delivered and verified (manually by the buyer or auto-verified after 72 hours — whichever is first), you’ll receive an email asking how you’d like to redeem your funds: cash or credit. You can make your preferred selection by logging into your account and going to ‘Your Listings’.

To redeem your funds as credit, you’ll receive an email immediately upon verification with your gift card for use on

Pole Junkie


To redeem your funds as cash, you’ll be prompted to enter your bank account details and a direct deposit will be sent within 7 business days via our payment partner,



**Stripe has a PCI Service Provider Level 1 Certification - the highest level in the payments industry.

We issue store credit as gift cards to be redeemed on

Pole Junkie

. You’ll receive the gift card code via email upon selecting the credit option.

If your Buyer submits a Claim, we will notify you immediately and will review it in accordance with our Treet Protection Policy. Your funds will be on hold until a decision has been reached. If the Claim is accepted, we provide the Buyer with a prepaid shipping label to print and ship within 72 hours. If the Claim is rejected, we will automatically disburse your funds.

As long as the item is initially scanned in by the post office, you’ll be paid in full if it were to get lost or stolen anywhere on its journey.