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About Treet

Buy and sell from other Pole Junkie customers in a marketplace managed by Treet.

You Verify Every Purchase

Every time you buy with Treet, you verify that the item is as described.

Get Bigger Payouts

When you sell on PoleJunkie:preloved, you get 100% of your item’s sale price in credit back to Pole Junkie or 80% in cash.

Good For The Planet

Participating in resale reduces your environmental impact.

What’s Treet Responsible For?

Post Review & Authentication

Reviewing all posts submitted to the site.

Shipping Logistics

Facilitating and tracking shipments between Buyers and Sellers.


Handling all payments made through the site.


Disbursing funds as cash or credit and handling refunds/returns.

General Site Functionality

The overall flow and functionality of the site.