Off The Pole Lounge Jumpsuit










Excellent Condition

Seller Notes:

Perfect for choreography classes, warming up or just throwing on to catch the bus to class! This jumpsuit, unlike others, doesn’t have the horrible “fleece” type lining that can become so hot and uncomfortable (it’s lined with the same material as the outer layer). This item seems to keep you at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather. Also features a drawstring waist and adjustable straps to perfectly tailor it to your own style Size is a M, but I personally find it to be smaller made 🚨PLEASE NOTE🚨 I work 8am - 8pm weekdays and so I’m unable to post anything on any day except a Saturday. Please keep this in mind, especially if you order at the start of a week, there will be a wee delay before you receive your order. Thanks for your patience 🙏🏻

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Sold by Alex M